Who we are and what is our dream

We are Alessandra and Alessio, a married couple who have spent several years in big cities, working for multinational companies, with a family consisting of five children but also uncles, grandparents, nieces, many friends, dogs, and cats... in short, we have led a joyful and intense life, but also very demanding and sometimes alienating, which often prompted us to pause and reflect on the meaning of such a hectic pace.

Several years ago, during one of our very rare vacations, we stumbled upon these places almost by chance and felt a strong connection and a deep calling to become a part of them... we moved here and later decided to transform the two historic residences we had found in Collepino into vacation homes.

What we 'offer' is not 'ours'... we discovered it and enjoy it ourselves first, feeling the need to share it with others. We dream that more and more people discover and love this corner of the world, are touched by it, and take with them a seed of the Peace and Hope it fosters in their hearts.

We have also turned all of this into a 'job'...

Le Colline della Speranza (Collepino - Spello - Umbria)

Via delle Fonti, Spello fr. Collepino, 06038, Italy

[email protected]

+39 347 3777813

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